From jazz to classical, electronic and chiptune, I strive to create enriching and immersive music environments.  This includes everything from a 10-second sound bytes, two minute animation scores, and full-length sound tracks for video games.


Need some existing music re-arrangeed for a different purpose?  Maybe it’s a classical piece arranged in a chip tune style, a dance track arranged for solo piano, or an orchestral production for jazz band.  I can help!


Music is only one piece of the puzzle!  I also create and work with ambience, SFX, digital editing and sound mixing to achieve the best sound design for your project.


Hi there! My name is Chris

I’m a professional pianist and composer.  Need music or SFX for a project?  Please message me!

You can download my resume here.  TLDR: I’m an associate composer at the Canadian Music Centre, I’ve been nominated for two Juno Awards and I’m an instructor at the University of Toronto.  I’m also an official Steinway artist.


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  • Address: Toronto, Canada
  • Phone: 1-416-471-9999
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